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Workout 05/14/21

Strength:  Banded shoulder press @55%1RM  Red +150 org -150 30” rest between sets Conditioning: 20’ AMRAP 5 burpees 10 cal row 15 pull-ups Accessories: 3×12 narrow grip bench press 3×10 KB crush grip skull crusher 3×5 strict deficit handstand push ups 4X1’ bench position Earthquake

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Workout 05/12/21

“Active Recovery/Open Gym” (Easy to Moderate)50 Calorie Assault Bike50 Calorie RowRest 3’(Moderate to Hard)30 Calorie Assault Bike30 Calorie RowRest 2’(Sprint)10 Calorie Assault Bike10 Calorie Row Core:3 Rounds2ea Kettlebell Turkish Get-ups20 GHD Sit-ups2ea Kettlebell Turkish Get-ups20 Hip Extension2ea Kettlebell Turkish Get-upsRest as needed Skill: Candlestick Prep3×5

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Workout 05/11/21

Strength: 20’ to establish 3RM Shoulder press Conditioning: For time: 20 cal ski 40 ring dips 120’ HS walk Accessories: 5×1 BTN snatch grip push press 5×3 wide grip bench press 5×8 dual KB pendlay row 4×1’ weighted Chinese plank 45/35 1×200 band tricep pull

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Workout 05/10/21

Strength: 8×3 Banded Back Swuat – @50% 1RM – Rest 30” between sets Conditioning: For time: 5 Rounds 300m run 20 alternating jump lunges 15 V ups Accessories: 8×1 seated broad jump 3×12 DB crush grip curtsy lunge 4×10(5ea) BB backtrack step up 4×15 reverse hyper 5×15 alt SL toes to ring

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Workout 05/08/21

For time: Teams of 2 30’ AMRAP 5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 air squats E5MOM including :00  Run 400 meters

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Workout 05/07/21

Strength:  Banded shoulder press @50%1RM  Red +150 org -150 30” rest between sets Conditioning: 20’ AMRAP 200m row 20 Alt DB snatch 50/35 200m row  20 toes to bar 200m row 20 handstand push ups Accessories: 3×12 crush grip db bench press 3×10 db crush

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Workout 05/06/21

Strength: 1RM squat clean – 20’ to Establish  Conditioning: 12’ time cap For time 50 Cal bike 50 Russian KBS 70/53 50 pistols Accessories: 8×1+1 snatch deadlift+power snatch 6×3 behind the neck snatch grip push press 6×2 1 ¼ back squat 5×10 strict toes to

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Workout 05/05/21

Ski ERG Intervals1000mRest 1:301000mRest 2:001000mRest 2:30”500mRest 1’500m Core:Durante Core 25 Rounds10 Arch Rocks10 Arch Ups10” Arch HoldRest 1’ Skill: Handstand Push-ups Progression Handstand Holds3×10 Trice Push-up3×30” Pike Handstand Hold3×20” Handstand Hold against Wall3x3x3”-5” Negative Handstand Hold to Head

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Workout 05/04/21

Strength: 20’ to establish 1RM bench press Conditioning: 8’ AMRAP 5 burpee chest to bar 5 DB shoulder press (50/35) 15 double unders  Accessories: 5×2 push press 5×3 narrow grip bench press 5x8ea SA DB bent over rows 4×1’ weighted plank 45/35 1×200 bench position

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