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HELP—I Can’t Get Off the Toilet! Why do aging adults end up in assisted-living facilities? It’s right there in the title: It comes down to not being able to get up off of the toilet. It may sound crass, but it’s a very real thing.

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4 Things to Consider When Searching for “CrossFit Gyms Near Me” You’ve heard of CrossFit. Maybe you’ve seen fit people lifting big weights on Instagram. Maybe one of your co-workers goes to CrossFit after work every day. Maybe you even have friends who won’t stop

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January Blog 2023

New Year’s Resolutions and Parkinson’s Law I’m going to go ahead and tell you right now: Don’t make a New Year’s resolution. Seriously, why do it?  You know you’re not going to follow through with it, so why set yourself up for failure? And do

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December Blog 2022

How to Thrive—Not Just Survive—During the Holidays Words matter. Words shape perceptions. Perceptions shape intentions. Intentions shape just about everything. Around this time of year, I often think about the trope surviving the holidays. We hear and read about this often: How to survive holiday parties, family gatherings and

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November Blog 2022

Training Doesn’t Have to Be Hard “Your workout is our warm-up!” “Grip it and rip it!” “We don’t need machines; we are machines!” I’m sure you’ve all read or heard one of these quotes or any number of others telling you workouts have to be

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October Blog 2022

Meal-Plan Your Way to Savings at the Grocery Store We’ve all heard this sage advice: “Don’t ever shop for groceries on an empty stomach.” It’s doubly true if you’re trying to cut costs in the face of inflation.  Plan-free grocery shopping can lead to mindless or even rushed, frantic purchases that drive

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