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Why Real Gyms Don’t Look Like “Gyms”

We opened Oceanside CrossFit in 2007 on $7,000. When we moved out of the garage we were approved for a business line of credit for about $20,000. It felt like a lot of money! Now, $20k isn’t much to start a gym. Most gyms cost

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Meal-Plan Your Way to Savings at the Grocery Store

We’ve all heard this sage advice: “Don’t ever shop for groceries on an empty stomach.” It’s doubly true if you’re trying to cut costs in the face of inflation.  Plan-free grocery shopping can lead to mindless or even rushed, frantic purchases that drive up costs and don’t align with your health and fitness goals.  I’m sure

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Why We Don’t Allow Kids on the Workout Floor

(Spoiler alert: Because we care about them.) I recently heard about a child walking out onto the workout floor of a gym and getting struck in the head by an athlete doing kettlebell swings. Because the child was 4 years old, few details were released

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What Peloton Is Missing

I recently saw an article about Peloton. While it’s been in the news for a controversial ad, this article was about Citron Research’s prediction that the bike/treadmill company’s stock will fall to $5 at some point. The reasoning was because Peloton doesn’t actually have a

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10 Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable

If I asked you if eating healthy foods was important, you would say ‘of course,’ right? And if I asked whether exercise is key for health and wellness, you would most likely respond with a yes. So, if we know that nutrition plus fitness is

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How to Be No. 1

Josie has two kids, a spouse and a full-time job. She feels like she can barely go to the bathroom alone.  Joe is a lawyer. He works long hours, sometimes weekends, and likes to spend time with family.  Sam has elderly parents that require a

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What Metabolism Means (And How to Fix Yours)

This might be the only thing you read about metabolism that isn’t trying to sell you something. Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns energy. Your body uses calories for energy, like your car uses gas for energy. You need calories to

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How I Learned to Lean Into Stress and Embrace Fear

One of the enduring goals of Oceanside CrossFit was that OUR gym will give you a life worth living; that we want our members to go and DO stuff with their fitness. We love having you do 5ks and marathons; Spartans and Strongman; the “bucket

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HELP—I Can’t Get Off the Toilet!

Why do aging adults end up in assisted-living facilities? It’s right there in the title: It comes down to not being able to get up off of the toilet. It may sound crass, but it’s a very real thing. More broadly, the reason aging adults

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