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Oceanside Crossfit is one of my favorite places. The coaches are very knowledgeable, and are able to adapt all their workouts to suit anyone, at any fitness level. OCF took me from my lowest level of physical fitness, working with me through a herniated disc and surgery to repair an umbilical hernia, to the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been.
They were even able to coach me through workouts while I was wearing a walking boot with a broken foot. The coaches take the time to get to know all the athletes and assess their level of fitness and their goals, and they genuinely care whether those goals are achieved. They coach elite athletes, getting them competition ready; they coach moms and dads trying to maintain fitness; they coach kids, setting them up to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long haul; they coach those trying to lose weight, and those trying to gain muscle. They have a wide knowledge base, including olympic lifting, powerlifting, metabolic conditioning, nutrition, and recovery. They have created a community of athletes who work hard, push each other to be better, and have a ton of fun.


The OCF staff has an impeccable amount of knowledge. I’ve developed as an athlete far more than I ever thought I would due to their coaching. Being surrounded by individuals who not only want to better themselves physically but mentally will drastically change your outlook on life!


My first 8 months at OCF I lost over 20 pounds and became so much stronger! I can do things now that I never thought I could do before! I believe CrossFit is the best program for anyone wanting to improve their health and quality of life and the coaches are very helpful!



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