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Workout 12/16/21

Strength: 1RM squat snatch Conditioning: 60-40-20 Double unders 30-20-10 Cal row 15-10-5 Ea side KB front rack pistols Accessories: 5×2 back squat 4×6 sumo deadlift 

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Workout 10/21/21

Strength: 20’ to establish 1RM Back Squat Metcon: 800m Run 50 Deadlifts (205/145) 400m Run 25 Back Squats  Accessories: 5×3 deadlift 5×8 seated camber bar

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Workout 06/12/21

Partner Wod: Teams of Two25’ AMRAP20 Calorie Assault Bike30 Box Jump 24”/20”40 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 70/5350 Burpees60 Russian Kettlebell Swings

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Workout 05/27/21

Strength:1RM Deadlift 20’ to Establish Conditioning:9-6-3Front Squat 205/145Calorie Row *No racks

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Workout 02/12/21

Strength: Banded bench press  3×3 narrow grip 3×3 regular grip 3×3 wide grip – @70% 1RM bench press – Rest 30” between sets  1×8 wide

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Workout 12/09/20

ACTIVE RECOVERY: 4x200m Run Rest 1:1 4x400m Run Rest 1:1 1x800m RunRest 1:1 Into… 50 GHD sit ups 30 V ups 50 Ab mat sit

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