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Workout 12/14/21

Strength: 1RM shoulder press Conditioning: 21-15-9 Hang power clean 135/95 Push jerk Accessories: 5×2 barbell supinated grip bench press 4x6ea alternating banded DB bench press (superset hang/grip) 4×30” ball grip hold(KB hanging) 4×15”ea switch grip bar hang Cardio: For time- 5 rounds 40 cal ski

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Workout 12/13/21

Strength: 10×2 speed deadlift @80% 1RM -30”-1’ rest between sets Conditioning: For time 400m run 50 deadlifts (115/80) 400m run 50 box jump overs 400m run 50 front squat 400m run 20’ time cap Accessories: 8×1 weighted box jump 24”/20” 4×12 narrow stance front squat

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Workout 12/11/21

Teams of 2″ 5 Rounds 400m partner run 50 MB step ups (20/14) 50 MB cleans 50 alternating MB partner sit ups

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Workout 12/10/21

Strength: (superset shoulder press/ push up) 4 Rounds 10-12 shoulder press 30” rest 10-12 banded push up 2’ Rest  *Goal is to get all the way to 12 reps, if hit add weight to your next set. Keep track of where you get to, the

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Workout 12/09/21

Strength: 3RM squat clean (No longer than 5-10” rest between reps) Conditioning: 5 rounds 3 man makers 50/35 5 cal bike 1 squat snatch @90%1RM 1’ rest between rounds Accessories: 5×2 front squat 4x6ea barbell front rack box step up (superset goblet hold/leg extensions) 4×1’

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Workout 12/08/21

“Active Recovery/Open Gym” Run by the Minutes5’-4’-3’-2’-1’-1’-1’-1-‘1’ Rest 1/2 the time *increase intensity as time shortens. Core: 3 Rounds30 Russian Twist w/plate 25/15 20 Tuck-ups 1’ Hollow HoldRest as needed Skill: Rope Climb3x5 Lying Floor Pulls 3×5”-10” Dead Hang3’-5’ Seated Foot Hook 3×3 Jumping Foot

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Workout 12/07/21

Strength: 1RM narrow grip bench press Conditioning: 10’ time cap 5 Rounds 6 ring muscle ups 12 handstand push ups 24 double unders Accessories: 5×2 max weighted push up 4×6 seated shoulder press (superset front/lateral raise) 4×15 DB front raise 4×15 DB lateral raise 4×30”

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Workout 12/06/21

Strength: 8×3 speed deadlift @75% 1RM -30”-1’ rest between sets Conditioning: 10’ AMRAP 10 cal row 10 wall balls 20/14 2’ rest 10’ AMRAP 10 Russian KBS 53/35 10 goblet squats Accessories: 8×1 kneeling to feet to broad jump 4×12 Kang squats 4x8ea KB front

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