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Workout 03/12/21

Open WOD 21.1 For time: 1 wall walk10 double-unders3 wall walks30 double-unders6 wall walks60 double-unders9 wall walks90 double-unders15 wall walks150 double-unders21 wall walks210 double-unders Time cap: 15 min.

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Workout 03/11/21

Strength: Bench jump rebound max height box jump – 15’ to Establish  Conditioning: For time: 20’ EMOM 10/8 cal assault bike  12 alt DB box step up 50/35 20” 12/10 cal row 1’ wall sit Rest  Accessories: 8×1 max distance broad jump 6×1 deadlift from

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Workout 03/10/21

“Active Recovery/Open Gym” Ski ERG 100m/200m/300m/400m/500m/400m/300m/200m/100m – Rest 30” after each distance – Pace and Hold Core: 3 Rounds 15 Hip Extension 12 Med-ball Walkovers 9 Med-ball Side to Side Slams 6 Med-ball Hollow Rocks 2ct 3ea Kettlebell Turkish Getups

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Workout 03/09/21

“Rogue cliffhanger challenge” Max effort bar hang Conditioning: 8’ AMRAP 8 ploy push ups 8 toes to bar 2’ rest 8’ AMRAP 8 tall kneeling DB push press 50/35 8 ghd sit ups Accessories: 5×5 banded narrow grip bench press 3×8 weighted straight bar dips

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Workout 03/08/21

Strength: 8×3 Front Squat – @70% 1RM Conditioning: 4 Rounds 400m Run 25 Russian Kettlebell Swing (70/53)  25 Ab-mat Sit-ups 50 Double Unders

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Workout 03/06/21

Partner WOD Buy in: 400m object carry Partner A- 20/14 MB Partner B- 53/35 KB Into.. 15 rounds 20 synchro air squats 10 toes to bar Cash out: 400m object carry Partner A-53/35 KB Partner B- 20/14 MB

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Workout 03/05/21

Strength: Banded bench press  3×3 narrow grip 3×3 regular grip 3×3 wide grip – @70% 1RM bench press – Rest 30” between sets  1×8 wide grip top set (no bands) -70% 1RM on bar, will add 5lb each week made +25lb  Week 4 Conditioning: “CrossFit

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Workout 03/04/21

Strength: 1RM front squat – 20’ to Establish  Conditioning: For time: 5-10-15 Cal bike -after each round of bike complete: 10 front squats 155/110 50 double unders Accessories: 8×1 max distance broad jump 6×1 deadlift from below knee 5x5ea SA KB front rack SL squat

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Wednesday 03/03/21

“Active Recovery/Open Gym” 5 Sets 300m Row Fast Pace 100m Row Recovery Pace 100m Max Effort Sprint Pace 100m Easy Recovery Pace  Rest 4’ Core: 3 Rounds  15 Dumbbell Sit-ups 20 Dumbbell Russian Twist 20” Right Side Plank 20” Left Side Plank 20” Plank Center 

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