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Workout 12/24/20

“12 days of Christmas” 100m run Power cleans 185/125 Deadlifts DB Push press 50/35 Box jump overs 24”/20” Russian KBS 70/53 Handstand Push-ups Wallballs 20/14 Ring dips Toes to bar DB Thrusters Ring Muscle ups

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Workout 12/23/20

Active Recovery/Open Gym 20’ AMRAP 500m Row 25 ab mat sit ups 400m Run 25 L Crunches 500m ski 25 hollow rocks(2ct.) Into.. 10’ Recovery work -Foam Rolling -Stretching

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Workout 12/22/20

For time: 5 Rounds 400m Run 30 Box jumps 24”/20” 30 Alt pistols CARDIO: 10-20-30-40-50 Cal Ski erg 5-10-15-20-25 Toes to bar

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WORKOUT 12/21/20

“Tears of the spider monkey” For time: 7 Rounds  20 Push press 75/55 20 Overhead squats CARDIO: 30’ Bike Erg E3MOM 1 Rope climb 10 V Ups

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Workout 12/18/20

STRENGTH: 10×3 Speed Push Press – @80% 1RM – Rest 30” between sets  CONDITIONING: 18’ AMRAP 60 Double Unders 30 Little Bigs 35/25 30 Cal Row 15 HR Burpee to Plate POWER HOUR: 5 Rounds for Time 440 meter Row 10 Box Jumps (30/24 in)

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Workout 12/17/20

STRENGTH: Work up to heavy 1 Squat clean + 1 Hang squat clean + 1 Front Squat *Can not drop bar in between reps – 20’ to Establish  CONDITIONING: For Time: 12’ EMOM 10/8 Cal on bike 1 Power clean (build each round, heaviest made

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Workout 12/16/20

“Active Recovery/Open Gym” 4x200m Run Rest 1:1 3x400m Run Rest 1:1 2x800m RunRest 1:1 Into… 1’ Side Plank(left) 2’ Plank On Hands 1’ Side Plank(right) *Goal is to learn more about your run pace during these runs. 

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