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Workout 11/16/20

STRENGTH: 8×3 Narrow Stance Back Squat – @80% 1RM (back squat) – Hip Width Stance – Rest 30” between sets CONDITIONING: 5 Rounds 500m Row 20 Hang Squat Cleans 75/55 20 Alternating Pistols  ACCESSORIES: 8×1 Seated Box Jump  3×8 Front Banded Deadlift 4×12 Stagger Stance

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Workout 11/14/20

Teams of 2 For Time: 22’ AMRAP 10 Dual KB Deadlifts 53/35 10 Dual Russian KBS  200m Partner Run Partner one will perform the Dual Kettlebell Deadlifts and Dual Russian Kettlebell Swings, then partner two will perform the movements, both will run the 200m together.

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WORKOUT 11/13/20

STRENGTH: 10×3 Speed Shoulder Press – @50% 1RM – Red +150/ Org -150 – Rest 30” between sets  CONDITIONING: For Time:  Buy In: 1000m/800m Row 21-15-9 Handstand Push Ups Chest To Bar Pull ups *30 Double Unders After Each Round Cash Out: 1000m/800m Ski ACCESSORIES:

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Workout 11/12/20

STRENGTH: 1 RM  – 20’ to Establish  Sumo Deadlift CONDITIONING: For Time: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 DB Box Step Over Toes To Bar RX: 50/35 DB 24”/20” Box ACCESSORIES: 8×1 Max Height Vertical Reach 8×5 Banded Good Mornings  5x5ea Back Rack Alternating Lateral Lunge 3×8 Back Supported Knee

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Workout 11/11/20

“Active Recovery/Open Gym” 1x200m Run  – Rest 1:1 1x400m Run -Rest 1:1 1x800m Run -Rest 1:1 1x400m Run -Rest 1:1 1x200m run Done Into… 100 Ab Mat Sit Ups Into… 10’ Recovery Work Extra Credit:400m Sled Pull Reverse (Heavy weight use rope to pull the

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Workout 11/10/20

STRENGTH: 1RM  – 20’ to establish 1RM Floor Press CONDITIONING: 10-20-30 DB Floor Press 50/35 Strict Pull Ups ACCESSORIES: 5×1 Banded Buffalo Bar Bench Press  3×8 Tempo Dumbbell Push Press (51×1) 5×3 Bent Over Row 1×200 Band Straight Arm Pull Downs 4×30” L-hang Flutter Kicks

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Workout 11/09/20

STRENGTH: 8 X 3 Narrow Stance Back Squat @ 75% of 1 RM WORKOUT: “Snancy” 5 Rounds 3 Snatch (100/75) 15 Overhead Squats Run 400 meters ACCESSORIES: 8x1ea Single Leg Weighted Box Jump 3×8 Banded RDL (single loop red/org) 4×12 Stagger Stance Camber Bar Good

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Workout 11/07/20

Partner WOD: Teams of 2 For Time: 300 Calorie Assault Bike *Every switch partner must complete 1 Round 10 Goblet Squats 70/53 5 Burpees Over the KB

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