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Workout 02/24/21

“Active Recovery/Open Gym” 10 Sets 250m Easy Row Into 250m Fast Row Rest 1’ Core: 4 Rounds 15 Abmat Sit-up 15 V-ups 30 Bicycle Crunch 45’ Tall Plank

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Workout 02/23/21

Strength: 1RM Bench press – 20’ to establish  Conditioning: 12’ EMOM Ring push ups Handstand walk 40’ 1 legless rope climb Accessories: 5×5 push press  3×8 barbell JM press 1xME ring muscle ups or 3xME pull ups/ring rows followed by 3xME dips/ bench dips 1xME

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Workout 02/22/21

Strength: 8×3 back squat – @75% 1RM – Rest 30” between sets Conditioning: 5 rounds  25’ time cap 20 SA DB cluster 50/35 15 Toes to bar Accessories: 8×1 lateral box jump 3×15 goblet KB biker squat 4×12(6 each) dual KB front rack reverse lunges

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Workout 02/19/21

Strength: Banded bench press  3×3 narrow grip 3×3 regular grip 3×3 wide grip – @70% 1RM bench press – Rest 30” between sets  1×8 wide grip top set (no bands) -70% 1RM on bar, will add 5lb each week made +15lb  Week 3 Conditioning: 5

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Workout 02/18/21

Strength: 1RM sumo deadlift – 20’ to Establish  Conditioning: For time: 50 Sumo deadlift 70/53 40 Russian KBS  30 goblet squats  Accessories: 8×1 max height jumping reach 6×1 overhead squat 5x5ea SA front rack KB single leg bias box squat 4×15(ea) 3 foot position body weight calf raises  1×100 Hanging Strict weighted leg raises(above parallel but controlled reps) Cardio: For time: 10

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Workout 02/17/21

“Active Recovery/Open Gym” 10 Rounds 20” Assault Bike Sprint Rest 90” 5 Rounds 10 Atomic Sit-ups 30” High Plank 10 Toes to Ring 30” Reverse Plank

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Workout 02/16/21

Strength: 1RM push jerk – 20’ to establish  Conditioning: 10’  EMOM Odd- 60 double unders Even- 5 push jerks @70% 1RM *score is reps completed Accessories: 5×5 shoulder press  3×8 barbell skull crushers 1xME ring muscle ups 1xME bar muscle ups 4×30” L sit flutter kicks 

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Workout 02/15/21

Strength: 8×3 back squat – @70% 1RM – Rest 30” between sets Conditioning: 4 rounds 400m run 20 alt DB snatch 50/35 15 box jumps Accessories: 8×1 box jump over rebound max height box jump  3×12 back squat 4×12(6ea) Cossack squat 4×30 Reverse hyper 5×15

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