Wednesday 04/27/22

“Active Recovery/Open Gym”

1 Round

2000m/1600m Row

4000m/3200m Bike ERG

300 Single Unders

50 Wallball Sit-ups 20/14

2 Rounds 

1000m/800m Row

2000m/1600m Bike ERG

150 Single Unders

25 Wallball Sit-ups


“Durante Core 2”

5 Rounds

10 Arch Rocks

10 Arch-ups

10” Arch Hold

1’ Rest


Bar Muscle-up Progression Part 1

3x3x5” Hollow to Superman Hold

(Hold each position for 5 seconds, hollow to Superman is one rep, repeat for three reps total.)

3×1+1 Kipping Pull-up to Chest to Bar Pull-up

3×3 Hips to Bar


A. 1RM Muscle Clean

– 15’

– Keep form intact

B. 10’ EMOM

3 Touch and Go Power Snatch

– Build each set

C. Snatch Pulls

2x5x95, 3x5x100

– 2’ Rest

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