Thursday 07/07/22


8×3 Push Press

– @75% 1RM

– Rest 30”-45” between sets

– Not touch and go


20’ EMOM

1. 50 Double Unders

2. 6 Pull-ups + 4 Chest to Bar Pull-ups + 2 Bar Muscle-ups

3. 15 GHD Sit-ups

4. Rest


3×25 Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

3×25 Kneeling Dumbbell Push Press

3×25 Tate Press (Williamson Press)

3×8 Russian Dips

8×3 Ring Muscle-up (or appropriate scaling option)

5×25” Static V-sit

1×100 Weighted Front Raise (1-5lb)

1×100 Weighted Lateral Raise (1-5lb)



Unbroken Double unders

*10 Calorie Skierg between each set

*If unbroken is too much, max three attempts at UB on each set then just finish out reps.

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