Saturday 12/02/17

Published December 1, 2017

Today we honor our friend, GYSGT Justin Schmalstieg




Begin with 800m Run

2 Rounds

50 Burpees
40 Pull ups
30 Pistol Squats (15 each leg)
20 KBS (70/55 lbs)
End with a 800m Run


L4 - As RX
L3 - Assisted pistol squats, 62/44 lb kb, 1 abmat hspu
L2 - Assisted pistol squats, 55/35 lb kb, 2 abmat hspu
L1 - Run 600 meters
2 rounds
25 Burpees
20 Assisted Pull Ups
15 Box Pistol Squats
10 KB Swings (35/26 lbs)
5 Box hspu

Run 600 meters

L1m - Run 400 meters
1 Round
20 Burpees
20 Assisted Pull Ups
20 Air Squats
20 KB Swings (manageable weigh)
20 Modified Push Ups
Run 400 meters


Why these exercises?

In Ann's own words:

Burpees: We would do a burpee challenge when he was deployed in order to "work out together." Up to 90 and back down; he was pretty good in Iraq with staying on top of things while I would end up doing a bunch at a time (800 one day)

Pull ups: Because he's Justin

Pistol Squats: When we started xfitting together ( I started before him) one of the WODs involved an insane # of pistol squats, which put me in the lead at first, but then he got used to them and we ended up finishing neck and neck... I don't remember who won - how convenient ;-)

Heavy KB: When he first got out to Cali and we were putting together some home gym equipment for his place, making pvc paralettes and filling those big yoga balls with water ( a horrible task), then Justin took me out to Play-It-gain to pick out a kettlebell to keep at the house, which, to me is more meaningful than a guy suggesting his girl keep her toothbrush at his place (yes crossfit has brainwashed me).

HSPU: Again, because he's Justin

800m runs: I think anyone could tell by looking at him that he did cross country and track in high school.



We will be running the Schmall's WOD like Open Gym with a running clock. There will be no structured class. We will set up a running timer so come in do your warm up, set up and then it's go time. The gym will be open at 9:30 a.m.. "Schmalls" is a killer workout and may take up to as long as one hour to complete...Yikes!!

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