Published July 25, 2014

I started at OCF the end of October 2011. I remember reading on one of the white boards "if you let it, this place will change you"... I was there for a reason. I was on a mission. I wanted to change my life for good.

I had pretty much struggled with my weight my entire life. I was never an athlete. Never. In 2009, at a young 22 years old, I had been diagnosed borderline diabetes and maxed out just shy of 300lbs. I knew then and there at that moment I needed to do something. I began seeing a personal trainer out of his home. Which was cool and cheap, a great start since I was very new to working out and lifting weights. I also dramatically had to change my diet. Time passed, lost a little weight. My trainer moved And then I joined a small gym since I was so anti-gym. (I Hated 24hour and la fitness. I felt so intimidated.) I actually liked the gym I was going to. They had tons of classes and eventually became a 24 hr gym. I was approached about my "free" personal training session about 4 months after joining. At this time in my life, I was very serious about joining the navy. But I need to lose about 40ish lbs. So I actually did want to start seeing a personal tainer again. I told her my goal and what I needed to do as far as weight and physical test go and she was very much on board. I saw her twice a week and very time we started our session, I'd do a sit up test and push up test. Meanwhile, I was still struggling to get on the weight the navy wanted me to weigh for my height. I was practically starving myself and got down to 183, which I needed to be at 178. I was so close, but it got to the point where I wasn't even living and enjoying life. My trainer also started slacking. Towards the end, I'd show up and she'd say "so, what do you want to do today?" needless to say, I stopped seeking her. BUT the one good thing that came from that trainer, is she is the one who introduced me to crossfit. Well, kind of. She asked if I had ever heard of it and told me I'd really like it. I'm still not sure if she was trying to get rid of me or not but boy was she right.

After I stopped seeing her in the spring of 2011, I did my first half marathon and then just stopped caring as much. I had put on approximately 40lb in less then a year. I got a puppy and suddenly had no time for the gym. I also lived at home again where my family didn't really care about what they ate and we weren't on the same page with health/nutrition/physical fitness. I decided to make a little bit of a move in October of 2011 to oceanside! Best decision of. My. Life.

More and more people had been talking about crossfit and I Figured I don't have a gym membership anymore. Might as well give it a try. When I googled where the closest one was, Oceanside Crossfit came up 2 miles away. How could I not give it a go.

From day one, I was hooked. And it wasn't long before I became obsessed. I stared out at 3 days a week and I found myself thinking how I could manipulate my work schedule to fit in more days at the box. Let's just say I worked it out.

Not only do you get a killer workout every single time, but I've also made some really great friends along the way. Everyone genuinely cares about your well being and your progress and wants nothing but the best for you.

So with the encouragement form all the wonderful coaches and an easy switch to Paleo, I'm back down to where I want to be. I'm not at my "thinnest" but my jeans and clothes fit better then they ever did before. Crossfit has definitely changed my life forever and I couldn't imagine my life without it. I DRANK THE KOOL-AID! :)

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