Dan & Amy Hollingsworth; Owners of Kitsap CrossFit

Published July 25, 2014

Dan & Amy Hollingsworth; Owners of Kitsap CrossFit 

Dear Oceanside CrossFit

It is with excitement and sadness that we leave the gym, OCF. We feel exceptionally lucky to have found you and can't imagine what life would be like without you. We have always known that we were meant to open a business of our own. CrossFit was the final piece of the puzzle for us and has truly completed this quest.

Jeff, Laura, Liza and Mark... we can't thank you enough for embracing us and including us in the business so we could grow and learn, and develop skills that will be necessary once we leave our safety net. We also will never be able to express with words our thanks for what you have done for us as CrossFitters. You have pushed us beyond our physical and mental comfort zones and shown us what we are truly capable of. You have made us not only better athletes, but better people.

The entire community at OCF has also contributed hugely to our development as CrossFitters as well. We have continually been amazed at the level of commitment and dedication OCF members have displayed in their own personal endeavors but most importantly their support of the community both inside and outside the gym. The people of this community are the single most motivating factor for us to open our own box. We hope to foster the same love of the sport while developing an OCF family of our very own.

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