Published July 25, 2014

It was Tuesday November 6, 2012 when I had my first taste of Crossfit. I watched Gary Roberts "Killing the Fat Man" series and saw his progress and told myself I could that. I was never an athletic person growing up, had a few back injuries, and I did not like traditional gyms. I always felt out of place and never knew what to do. I remember to this day working up the nerve to call and ask what I needed to attend my first class. I remember Laura answered the phone and said just come on in, sign a waiver and participate with the class to see if I would like it. I arrived at the gym met Laura and told my story. I did not realize what I had got myself into. Apparently, this was a level 2 and 3 class and Laura said she would scale down what I had to do. Her "scaled down" version for me was horrible. I couldn't even make it past the warmup, I was in so much pain and had to run outside a few times because I felt like puking. Laura had me sit out on the WOD. I sat there and watched everyone complete the WOD. I felt disgusted with myself, so I signed up, not knowing how it would change my lifestyle for the better.

I returned to the box that next Saturday still in pain from Tuesday for fundamentals class. I was still questioning my decision to sign up. I met Coaches Susan and Jaime. They had me do the Baseline WOD, I was told it was to measure my ability. Personally I think Susan and Jaime just wanted to break me, which they did! They pushed me the whole time, from Jamie telling me to keep going to Susan saying I am going to hate her by the end of the WOD (I could never feel that way towards Susan, just respect, and gratitude. Oh and Jaime too!) That day and WOD solidified my reason for staying with OCF and embarking on this great journey.

ALL of the coaches at OCF are awesome teachers, and great motivators. EVERY coach I had the pleasure to meet and work with has been great. I am gaining so much knowledge from them about stretching, to proper exercise form, and to eating properly.

When I started my journey on November 6, 2012 I weighed myself in at 277 pounds. I wore a size 42 Jeans. Fast forward to today March 11, 2013 five months later I am 61 pounds lighter at 216 pounds and wear size 36 Jeans. Here are a few before and now pictures. I will not say after, because I don't plan on being done for there to be an after.

There is so much I could say about Crossfit, especially OCF. I could go on and on. From the staff to my fellow Crossfit addicts everyone has been apart of my journey one way or another. I look forward to continuing this epic journey with all of the people at OCF.


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