Published July 25, 2014

On March 14, 2009 I had a major snowboard accident that landed me in the Hospital with complete knee construction. Replacement of my ACL and MCL along with meniscus repair. The doctor explained to me I would be able to lead a normal life after the surgery but it was very possible that I would not have the active lifestyle I led before. This included no snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, mountain biking, or basically anything that would put stress on my knee. As you can imagine it really bummed me out that I might never do the activities I love so much and are such a huge part of my life. I then spent the better part of six months laying on my back with my knee elevated to keep the swelling down and to help the knee heal the best it can. During those six month I enjoyed such delights as carne asada burritos and pizza on a regular basis (due to the fact it was really tough to cook while on crutches). I ended up at a very sexy 235 lbs from my original 200 lbs. Lets just say if you love a man with a belly I was your man, not to mention I needed the Manzier aka the bro. (see Seinfeld).

In mid January of 2010 the Doctor cleared me for moderate exercise but I was warned to stay within my limits. At that point noticing that I was just about the size of a baby whale I decided to check out Crossfit. I had a friend that spoke very high of it and said it would be good for my healing knee. I called up Oceanside Crossfit and made an appointment with Jeff and signed up to do it. The first workout just about killed me!!!!!! Mind you it consisted of some pushups some sit ups and squats..... and might I say looking back it was not very many of any of those exercises. I almost died because my baby whale size body was not used to doing anything but laying on a couch. It took a week or two to get over the initial soreness but once I did I started making progress very quickly. In just 2 month I dropped 15 lbs and one full pant size. As you can see in this photo there was a considerable change in a very short time.

I attended 3 classes a week without fail and watched my eating. I did the zone diet and honestly it was a pretty loose interpretation of the diet. I definitely was eating a ton better but I wasnʼt as strict as I should have been. I could have made even more progress in that time. Its now June and I have been at Oceanside Crossfit for a little over 5 months and have lost 28lbs of fat and wear two pants sizes smaller along with a full shirt size smaller. I sit here in a coffee shop at Mammoth ski resort after a long weekend of snowboarding. I have snowboarded the last three weekends in a row and it looks like I should get a few more days in this season before all the snow is gone. After the doctor telling me I may never be active again and now Iʼm snowboarding every weekend, all I can say is thank you to Laura and Jeff at Oceanside Crossfit from the bottom of my heart. You guys have helped fix me and have helped me reach one of my most important goals.

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