Published May 12, 2016

Overall, just an average athlete in a few sports growing up and in high school.  I tried to stay active by doing the usual gym thing, cardio for endurance & weight lifting for strength, in college and after.  However, something in life always seemed to put a wrench in the fitness habit and derail it for a while….sometimes a l o n g while.  I was again battling the ‘furniture complex’.  My health wasn’t good, again, and it was getting worse.  I was looking for something that I could incorporate into my life and make it stick for good for a healthier me.  A healthier me for me, for my wife and for my growing family.  

Enter Oceanside CrossFit in August 2007.  It started from a desire to make a positive change in my health and mostly because some very good friends had jumped in and started.  The result: CrossFit has been an essential part of transforming my life, beyond what I thought or imagined was possible.  CrossFit has certainly helped me achieve my physical health goals and improve on them over time.  What I didn’t realize was the positive effects CrossFit would bring into my life as a whole.  Doing CrossFit has enabled me to excel in other areas of my life like family, faith, career, and community.

 I am extremely grateful for the community of encouragement (owners, coaches & athletes) at Oceanside CrossFit.  It has been instrumental to me in my quest for getting healthy and staying healthy.  I have received so much being a part of this community over the years.  I am really excited to have the opportunity to give back and coach where it all started and continues for me.  I hope you will join in and get started with us.

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