Published June 4, 2015

I have been involved in multiple types of competitive sports growing up, but my real passion was in skateboarding. After around 15 years my body started to break down from previous injuries and lack of recovery during them. It was at this time I found weightlifting at a normal gym and started trying to fix some problems. After countless times of a friend nagging me to come in and try CrossFit, I finally did. It was exactly what I needed. It was that first day that I knew what I needed to be doing with my life moving forward. Since that day I have educated myself through thousands of hours of learning and coaching. As a coach/owner at Oceanside CrossFit I can say with confidence that you will meet the goals you set here. With our educated coaching staff and amazing community, we have built over the past 13 years in North San Diego County there is no failure, just progress

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