March Athletes of the Month - Justin and Emma Lindo

Published March 6, 2018


Hey everyone!

We are the Lindo’s. I, Justin, am 29 years old and currently employed at FedEx Freight in Vista. Emma is 26 and is an operating room nurse in the Navy, which allowed us to relocate from Montana to Oceanside about two years ago. We have been married for about two and a half years and we have a sidekick named Jack that we take everywhere. Emma is currently starting work-ups for her deployment to a Role III medical facility over the summer.

We joined Oceanside CrossFit one year ago almost exactly. We went looking for a gym because we had purchased pieces to a home gym and found that they were gaining dust as the days went by. OCF happened to be within a mile from our home so we decided to give it a try. We have enjoyed every day at OCF (well maybe not every day...) and are so lucky to have found such a supportive and inspiring gym.

Our previous gym experiences are very different. I prefer running, Emma doesn’t. We both view workout’s very differently so needless to say working out together in our “home gym” was challenging to find something we both enjoyed while pushing ourselves at the same time. I ran cross country and golfed in high school, Emma played softball and basketball. We are similar in the fact that we both did a pretty good job at avoiding the weight room and having very little experience with Crossfit.

We both agree that within the first three months there wasn’t a day that some part of our body didn’t hurt. But behind all that hurting were tremendous strides physically and mentally. Our strength, endurance, and mental fortitude increased with each workout completed. 

Justin: My biggest accomplishment is the commitment that I have put forward to leading a better lifestyle and sticking to it week after week.

Emma says that beating me in a running workout that ONE time has been her biggest accomplishment  And notes the improvements she has made in her squat. It has taken over a year and feels nowhere near perfect, but she is headed in the right direction.

This is what everyone says but it’s because it’s the truth. The people are what I enjoy the most. I go to see people who I can now call friends and we talk, laugh, tell stories, poke fun at each other and then suffer together during the WOD. It really is so much more than working out. Everyone at OCF shares their enthusiasm, passion, dedication, and commitment which inspires us to keep pushing ourselves to be the best we can.

Justin: Short term goal is to keep at it, stay consistent and get better every day. Long-term goals would be to start dedicating extra time on Olympic lifts and advanced Crossfit movements to gain strength and become more consistent in each lift/WOD.

Emma: I would like to continue to stay active on this deployment and push myself through each workout without being able to be in the OCF gym?(Whatever it takes, I’ll talk some of these nurses into suffering with me). Long-term goals are to be able to continue to work to improve/complete movements such as pull-ups, pistols, handstand push-ups, and so many others.  

We appreciate the recognition from our coaches and peers, we hope to keep pushing and make you proud. We wouldn’t be on this journey without all of you. Thank you!!


LIFTS current/ goals


Deadlift 315/320

Back Squat 265/285

Snatch 110/125

Front Squat 205/245

Push Press 145/155



Deadlift 235/250

Back Squat 170/200

Snatch 70/100

Front Squat 140/175

Push Press 100/125


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