June 2017 Athlete of the Month - Jessica Yagle

Published June 1, 2017

Jess Yagle - Howdy party people!

My name is Jess Yagle and I am a 30-year-old wife, Mama to a 2-year-old toddler/terrorist and 11-month old diva, a teacher, champagne lover, and “pretend Crossfitter”. I love being around people (quite the Chatty Kathy) and seriously love OCF.

I stumbled into OCF in the fall of 2015 from the East Coast because a fellow military wife (Erica, that had just moved from SoCal and started at my gym in VA) said it was, “by far the best box in town!” And boy was she right! Before starting at OCF I did Crossfit in VA for about a year and a half. During that time, I had my son Lucien (the terrorist I mentioned above). Prior to my Crossfit life, I was a softball player, cheerleader, and coxswain for the crew team. I have always loved sports, competition, and all things athletic.

During the first three months at OCF, I clearly noticed two things, (1) this gym was toooooough! and (2) the people here are truly a loving tribe. Right away I was challenged from the first workout, but the energy within those industrial ceilings was electric. Everyone really wants you to do well. Everyone wants to cheer you on. Everyone wants to have fun while they are there. I immediately felt like I had known these people forever. Military spouse life has one constant—moving. As soon as you find “your people”.…you move. But walking through that garage door I already felt like I had “my people”. And for this moving chica, that was priceless.

When I look back and try and think about the accomplishments I am proud of, I feel so grateful to have many to choose from. But when I really think hard, I think that the greatest accomplishment was completing the full Memorial Day Murph just two weeks before my daughter Reagan was born. I felt as though I was already starting to show her the value of honoring our heroes. Teaching her that having a healthy Mommy is important. Teaching her that a woman on a mission can do it all.

The best part about working out at OCF is the fact that it is the only place in my entire world where no one needs me--no...one. At school, 22-second graders need me all day (do you know how many questions a single 8-year-old can ask in a day??). At home a toddler, infant, and let’s be real…Husband need me. Everywhere I go, someone depends on me. But when I walk into that gym…that chalky, music blaring (to volume 27), plate slinging gym, I am the one that needs everyone else. I need the amazing coaches to see in me what I don’t always see in myself. I need “my people” to laugh with me, dance during workouts, chat about our lives, and commiserate when we feel as though we’ll die.  And I’m pretty sure I almost died a few times. In that space, for 1 hour, I get to be the needy one.

LIFTS past/ current/ goals:
Deadlift 175/200/225
Back squat 165/175/210
Snatch (uuuuugggh--the wooooorts!) 65/85/100
Clean and jerk 115/125/140
Front squat 145/155/185

Press 80/85/100
Clean *my fave! 130/140/155

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