May 2017 Athlete of the Month - Malik Lanius

Published May 1, 2017


Hello, my name is Malik, I'm 22 years old and single. I work for a small family practice in Vista and coach at Oceanside CrossFit. I love football, Go Saints!, food and beer (pizza and sushi are my favorites) and traveling. 

I tried OCF after my dad joined in 2012. He invited me to try it on "bring a friend" Saturday. I went for a while but stopped due to work and school. I went back in 2014 after I realized how fast I was gaining weight and not working out at 24hr fitness.  I played football for four years and lacrosse for two years in high school (to be blunt I was terrible). Other than that I pretended to workout at 24hr Fitness (stare at my phone, stretch, walk around, then go eat).

I noticed that every girl (Jamie Lenio, Ann Wallace, and Laura Platefield) were all around fitter than I was haha. So 1) I was immediately humbled and 2) I also set my first goal which was to get stronger than the girls haha.

I am most proud of how far I have come to actually being in shape. I'm also proud of all the friendships, relationships, and memories I get to make with the members. I get to help people get better every day or at the least smile.  Everyone comes to put in work, either to release stress, get better at a weakness, get ready for summer, or even compete in a competition. Just to see people's progress change workout at a time.

My current short term goal is to get accepted into the CHP academy and become an Officer. My long-term goal is to buy a house near the beach, finish my BA degree, and maybe try for regionals on a team one year.  My wish is for our OCF community is to grow and get better.



 2014- #365/ 2017- #476

 back squat

 2014- #225/ 2017- #375


 2014- 95/ 2017- #225

 clean and jerk

 2014- #115/ 2017- #286

 front squat

 2014- #185/ 2017- #315

 Shoulder press

 2014- #95/ 2017- #186

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