December Athletes of the Month - Andrew Provost and Danalyn Balingit (Dee)

Published December 1, 2016

We are highlighting two athletes this month: Andrew and Dee. They started coming to OCF at the same time and are both part of the 9 a.m. crew.
Danalyn (Dee): In a relationship. 34 yr. old, working at home and a student.
I found myself joining Oceanside CrossFit because of an undying and consistently harassing from Agnes (friend and member) who is very fond and active in CrossFit. I finally gave in on May after 8 months and it happened to be the Murph workout. It was kind of a crazy workout from a first- timer, but hey I was not about to quit! Lol
I used to do Zumba, boxing and kickboxing at the gym. I also did some weights here and there but nothing crazy.
I noticed a whole lot of changes after three months at OCF. I can definitely tell the difference from before. I feel stronger for sure!!! And my endurance is much better, especially with running--which I hate! Knowing that I'm actually stronger than I thought, I enjoy working on legs but I know I should be working harder on my upper body as it's my weakness.  What do I like about OCF?!! I mean everything!! From the environment, to the coachs and my fellow CrossFitters, everybody is very nice and friendly. I love OCF!!!
Short term goal? To be able to a hit PR every time we go for max effort lift or exercise. Long term? To have a healthy living lifestyle and to keep getting stronger! 
Starting and current lifts: 
deadlift - 85lbs./ 155lbs
Back squat- 85lbs./ 147lbs
Snatch 0/ 50lbs
C & J: 0/ 90lbs/80lbs
Front squat:0/ 125lbs
Press:0/ 65lbs

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