December Athletes of the Month - Andrew Provost and Danalyn Balingit (Dee)

Published December 1, 2016

We are highlighting two athletes this month: Andrew and Dee. They started coming to OCF at the same time and are both part of the 9 a.m. crew.
Andrew: Hi, my name is Andrew Provost, I just passed the half century mark, the big five zero, and needed to change the way I had been living.  I have spent many years seasonally running in the spring to prepare for the Carlsbad 5k. In the late summer and fall, I'd ride my road bicycle in preparation for the MS150--a charity ride to find the cure for Multiple Sclerosis.  On great years I have ridden the entire 150 miles from Irvine to South Mission Beach, 100 miles on Saturday and 50 miles on Sunday.  I have also spent years at 24 Hour Fitness on treadmills and spin classes along with more cycling and running.  I realized that I needed to do something different because cardio and dieting was not working.  I would lose 30-40 pounds when I was diligent and focused, but it would come back in a few years (ie, rinse and repeat). I was not the person I wanted to be thus I needed a change.
I joined the Oceanside CrossFit program because I wanted to better myself.  I have many friends who extol the benefits of CrossFit on FaceBook.  They look like healthy fit people and that is what I want to be.  The idea of building muscle to change my body really appealed to me. I found OCF via Groupon which was a great way to start.  A program of weightlifting, flexibility training, cardio, and a different workout each day really appealed to me.  I have never lifted weights.  I can vaguely remember back to my early high school days at the local YMCA learning to lift weights for a summer. I had never jumped rope in my life and now I own my own jump rope.  I have not attempted to master double-unders yet, but they will come.
The first 3 months were eye opening.  I was unfamiliar with most every workout that we did.  I was very enlightened by the limitations that my body presented to many of the movements.  Sitting at a desk for years, the mobility of my shoulders and wrists were frightening as to how limited they were.  For the first 6-7 weeks everything hurt, especially my hamstrings.  I did not always cherish the heavy rep squat days.  I would stagger to my car, felt like I might see a senior citizen with a walker pass me along the way.  I have my own foam roller at home and new knee sleeves from Rogue fitness that have helped my hamstrings, not to mention the thousands of squats I have performed so far.
My short-term goal is to attend classes as much as possible.  I go to OCF 5 days a week Monday through Friday.  I log each personal best lift and record the different named met-con (metabolic conditioning workout) results. So I am proud to have just finished month four of the program.  The coaches Jason, Stacie, and Gabe have been very encouraging. They always stress how much they see me working and improving which is very motivating. Other athletes at OCF comment as well that they see my improvement. I know I am stronger and must have more muscle, so while the scale remains the same number, my body composition is changing and I am better for being a member at OCF.  I sense improvement because while I am still sore daily, but nowhere near in comparison to those first two months.  The other day I did 270 air squats during the met-con and was basically fine afterward.  I now am lifting up to the L2 - L4 levels during met-cons. Those first months every met-con was at the L1m (modified) level.  I still cannot do all the lifts and or movements fully yet, but it will come as long as I show up and work at it. My long term goal is to master each of the lifts and movements then combine it with a better diet and shed those unwanted pounds. I want to be a stronger healthier version of myself.
What I like most about OCF, is the people, coaches, and everyone that attends.  From day one, people smiled and introduced themselves to me.  I like that I am challenged each day.  I enjoy that every day the lifts are explained and demonstrated.  The early months and even now I might be last to complete many of the exercises, but there are always kind words or cheers of encouragement, a fist bump or high five.  I am getting stronger and healthier. Each day I go to OCF I am better for it. I feel a real sense of community and friendship at OCF.  What could be better?  

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