October Athlete of the Month - Veronica Jimenez

Published October 1, 2016

From Veronica: 

What’s up guys! I’m Veronica Jimenez also known as "V" by many. I am 25 years old. I have a wonderful boyfriend of almost three years and no kids.  I am a twin which is pretty cool now that we don’t have to dress up exactly alike all the time. I work for an aerospace/medical production company called InterTrade Industries near Huntington beach. I work in the Quality Assurance department making sure every product is up to specifications. My goal is to join the law enforcement field so I’m currently going through the SD Sheriff’s process and I have CHP still pending. 
I had always heard about Crossfit and decided to look into it. I saw a few YouTube videos and instantly fell in love with the challenge. I decided to join in December 2014 as a birthday present to myself. 
I did not have much background with lifting, just the basics but I have always been active. I played soccer for a bit then started doing half marathons. I’ve done about nine half marathons and eight mud runs ranging from 3 - 13 miles.
The first three months were mostly pain and soreness not that much has changed since--haha. I put on some muscle quickly and gained strength I’ve never had before. It was mentally frustrating trying to get the movements down and move up from the baby weights. Overall it is a mental and physical challenge, but that’s why I enjoy it so much.
My proudest accomplishments at OCF are by far are my overhead squat and snatch numbers. I remember injuring my shoulder in my first real class with a PVC pipe doing OHS. So, I’ve come a long way with constant practice and help from my coaches. Also being able to compete in a few partner competitions and recently finishing my first individual comp coming in 6th place were great milestones for me. CrossFit definitely gets you out of your comfort zone, but it's worth the experience. 
What I like most about OCF is definitely the people. I think without the push and support from each other, it would be difficult to push yourself. A genuine camaraderie is built there which is priceless.
My current short term goal is to get at least 5 straight kipping handstand push-ups, because it’s driving me nuts that I can’t get them without scaling--haha. And my long term goal is to make stretching a habit because my body definitely needs it for better performance.
Lifts: Current/ Goal
DL: 270/300
Back squat:  245/270
Snatch: 100/ 135
Clean & Jerk: 145/160
Front Squat: 210/ 240
Bench press: 145/ 160
Strict press: 97/110
Clean: 165/ 180
OHS: 125/ 140

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