August Athlete of the Month - Agnes Fields

Published August 1, 2016


My name is Agnes Fields and I'm 45 years old.  I’ve been married to my husband for 16 years and we’ve been blessed with two handsome boys. In 2012 my family left California for overseas duty in Japan where I eventually found CrossFit in 2014. When we returned to Calif. in 2015, I immediately searched for a new box. I tried a couple of different CrossFits but OFC captured my attention because of Coach Stacie's warm welcome. I felt OCF was the right box for me.  I was right! I fell in love with OCF after my first class with Coach Jamie.


The coaches and community made my decision to join OCF. My whole family and some of my friends are now part of OCF community. I was never into sports growing up.  I wasn’t even physically active until I moved to Okinawa but even then I was on and off with my physical activities. In 2013 I felt I needed to do something to better myself--especially with my health. I start gaining weight and felt that I never had enough energy to do anything. I didn't know CrossFit would change my whole perspective on life. I became more aware both physically and mentally. My eating habits and my diet changed tremendously with the help of the CrossFit community. I started eliminating processed food in my diet and made healthier choices.


A few months after joining OCF I notice my strength and endurance improved dramatically. Thanks to Coach Jason and Coach Stacie for their guidance and answering my endless questions. What I like about OCF is the Coaches, the people and everything about it. I consider OCF as my second home. The motivation I get from each member is incredible. Our box is one of the oldest CrossFit gyms in North County and continuously searching for improvements to help it’s members achieve their goals. There is no other like OCF. My short goals are able to do muscle up and better my form and technique in lifting. My long term goal is keep active and able to do CrossFit as long as I can and to help others to understand more about CrossFit.


Current lifts/Goals:

Deadlift- 205 lbs/ 250 lbs

Snatch -75 lbs/ 115 lbs

Clean - 115 lbs/135 lbs

Push Jerk -115 lbs/ 135 lbs

FS - 155 lbs / 185 lbs

BS -185 lbs / 215 lbs

Strict Press 95 lbs / 115 lbs

Bench Press 95lbs / 115 lbs

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