July Athlete of the Month - Ronald Hinson

Published July 1, 2016

My name is Ronald Hinson.  I'm 24, and happily married to my wife Brittany Hinson who is 9 months preggo with our first child, a boy. I've been in the Marine Corps for 3 years and have always held physical fitness as a top priority in my personal life.  I've wanted to join a box for a while but I just couldn't justify paying a membership fee with the free gym membership I receive on base.  Still interested in CrossFit, I tried doing the workouts on my own but struggled to learn the movements and was nervous I would injure myself. This whole time my wife Brit pushed me just to go try out a box.  I heard about Oceanside CrossFit and attended a fundamentals class that Friday. I've been hooked ever since. 


Before OCF I did traditional weightlifting workouts, such as chest and tri, back and bi, which I grew tiresome with little results. I'm beginning my third month now at OCF and the change is tremendous, both physically and mentally.  It makes a huge difference being at a gym with people who competitively push you and have the same fitness goals that you do. I'm just happier in general and stress much less with CrossFit as an outlet.


 I’m most proud of the progress I’ve made Olympic lifting.  Not necessarily the numbers I put up but becoming comfortable with the lifts.  The coaches at OCF have put in a ton of work with me and it’s all starting to click.


My two biggest short term goals are to hit 50 consecutive DU’s and to do a 25m handstand walk.  My one long-term goal is to be able to do the 2017 CrossFit Open without scaling.


Current Lifts/Goals:

Deadlift - 405x3/500

Squat – 315x5/405

Snatch - 175/200

Clean - 227/275

Strict Press – 175/205

Bench Press – 286/300

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