May Athletes of the month -- Jeannie and Scott

Published May 1, 2016

We are continuing our team theme this month and have asked our tried and true 6 a.m.-ers Scott and Jeannie to answer a few questions about their experience at Oceanside CrossFit so far.  
Scott Raby 44, Jeannie Raby 42.  We will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on 12/21/16. We have 3 kids Wyatt 15, Morgan 13, Logan 11.

1. How did you find yourself at OCF and when did you join?
We heard about it from a friend in January and again in June 2013

2. Did you both begin at the same time or did one of you convince the other to start?
Jeannie - Pilar Robinson told me I had to go and MADE me go as a New Years resolution 2013. In late May my father-in-law came out for a visit. We went to Yosemite as a family. I was able to carry Scott's 40-pound backpack up the mountain AND without being sore the next day.  Scott was impressed and showed up to OCF when we got back from our trip.

3. What did you notice in the first three months and how were you affected (mentally, physically, etc)?
Jeannie -  I noticed how weak I was when I started. I wanted to be stronger than that. I also had also been struggling with depression and wanted to have an alternative fix.
Scott - I wasn't as winded after the first three months as when I started. 

4. A lot of families/ couples encounter difficulty or conflict training together- how do you two make it work? Any amusing rivalries between you two?
Jeannie - We agreed from the start not to coach each other. Just cheer each other on. Scott has strength and I have endurance.

5. What accomplishments are you most proud of at OCF so far? 
Jeannie - I am now able to a handstand without any assistance. 
Scott - I was able to do pull up again after not having done them in 17 years during my time in the Marines.

6. What do you like best about OCF?
Jeannie and Scott - Hands down the people!

7. What are your current short and long term goals?
Scott- To be able to do toes to bar and keep doing pull-ups into my 70s.
Jeannie - To be able to row 2000m in under 10 minutes. I'd also like to get better at pull ups.

Current lifts: 

DL Scott #326 Jeannie #123

Back squat Scott #275 Jeannie #115

Press Scott #180

Thanks for cheering us on. 6am is a killer to get up to but well worth it.

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