February Athlete of the Month -- Robyn Bolen

Published February 1, 2016

Robyn -- I'm 36-years-old and just married Jake, my best friend, in August. We have a Brady bunch family of 5 kids. Kayli (17) Talen (11) Kirin (8) Jack (my stepson, 7) Jones (3).  I own my own company called Babyhawk. We have been around for 11 years now and we make custom designed baby carriers here in Oceanside. Check us out at babyhawk.com :)


I had a personal trainer for about 5 years and we both just went our separate ways. After that I needed something that would work with my schedule so my friend Jill would come over and show me all the awesome stuff she was learning at her box (Offshore CF).  We did workouts in my back yard and I got hooked. That's when I decided to checkout a gym close to home to push myself harder. I think I drove around for an hour trying to find it because the maps app was not correctly showing it haha. I finally found it and walked into a class that Jamie was coaching and just watched for a bit then talked to her. I noticed immediately how friendly everyone was and I instantly felt at ease. I started on my 35th birthday in March of 2014. 


I found myself frustrated A LOT. I had done very little lifting in my life and trying to understand how my body was supposed to move under the bar was very annoying. But I was determined to keep going and finally started feeling the love after about 2 months. I loved how each coach was different and every day I would learn something new. I started seeing muscles that I have never seen before and that was a huge incentive to keep going. 


My greatest achievements are actually the little things that I thought I would never be able to do like climbing the rope or being able to jump on the box. The movements and workouts that are more mental than physical are the biggest obstacles for me. I'm still stuck at a 20" box but I will pass that mental block soon! 

The people and ass kickings are what I love most about OCF. I have become great friends with some amazing people, we motivate each other every day in and out of the gym and having them in my life has made such a difference. 


Short term goals:
24" box jumps

Kipping pull ups

Continuous double-unders


Long term goals:

Be able to snatch more then 70lbs

200lb club for back squats

300lb club for deadlifts

Body fat % of 15 (currently 21)



LIFTS (in lbs.) – current/ goals:

deadlift: 248/301

back squat: 183/201

clean and jerk: 125/150

front squat: 153/180

shoulder press: 88/100

bench press: 134/150


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