January Athlete of the Month -- Andy Hsieh

Published January 2, 2016


Hello Everyone! My name is Andy Hsieh.  I am 36 years old, and will be getting married later this year.  I work at Gilead Sciences, Inc. as a manufacturing technician, and I also have been working in other fields of the biotech/pharmaceutical for the past 10+ years.   Feel free to ask me any questions about it if you're ever interested! 

I have always been active in different sports (mainly basketball), and participated in different strength and conditioning programs ever since high school.  I was by no means an elite or great athlete but I was able to play competitively in high school and other recreational leagues.  Staying active and playing sports was my drug of choice for the day to day stress relief.  However, after graduating from college I made a regrettable choice of putting my career first and my health second.  The desire to climb the corporate ladder backfired as I started to gain more weight and felt lethargic and unhappy just from doing the normal daily things in life.  It was not until 2012 that I decided I needed some drastic changes in my life especially in the health area.  I initially headed back to 24 Hour Fitness and put forth my best effort to make sure I was running 30 minutes on the treadmill and follow by 30 minutes of weightlifting. Needless to say, it got boring and uninspiring quickly after three months with little results to show for it.  As the year was coming to a close, a previous co-worker and I were having a random conversation on working out and eating properly when he mentioned CrossFit and thought I should look into.  So after watching a YouTube clip on "What is CrossFit," and then Googling the nearest CrossFit box, I got inspired and walked into Oceanside CrossFit on December 15.

In the first three months at OCF, I noticed many different internal and external changes in my life.  First and foremost, I was excited to get back to working out every day.  Learning the different movements from gymnastics to Olympic weightlifting was all I could think of when I was at work, eating, or even sleeping.  I started to really watch and research the food that I was consuming which was mainly due to the nutrition challenge taking place at OCF.  This meant no more sugars in my coffee and cutting out a lot fast food and many other junk foods.  I started to notice also that I was getting physically stronger and faster in my workouts.  Although these days I still do struggle with heavy met-con workouts.  And last but not the least, feeling mentally and physically better than I had in many years.  

The accomplishments I am most proud of at OCF so far are being able to do things that I have never been able to do before I started CrossFit.  Whether it’s being able to do double-unders, headstand pushups, Olympic lifts, or running a sub-10 minute mile, it’s these small victories that I find worthwhile to acknowledge and celebrate.  And more importantly, that I am continually improving on a daily basis.  

The best part about OCF is the people, coaches, and the community itself.  I love seeing both coaches and athletes being supportive to each other, and the camaraderie shown whenever someone is struggling with a lift or a workout.  Additionally, there is always someone or a coach that you can easily approach to ask about dieting, nutrition, competition or Olympic lifting.


Short Term Goals: 

1. Get one muscle up

2. Snatch more than 125 lbs

3. Use more mobility and stretching to improve recovery


Long Term Goals:

1. Find the proper nutrition to match my workouts.  This has been tough!

2. Be able to do headstand walks...one day!

3. Get better at wall balls, box jumps, thrusters, burpees, and running.  All these movements hurt my inner soul...

4. Improve everyday - faster, stronger, and healthier!

LIFTS - Current/ Goal weight:

DL: 355lbs/ 450 lbs

back squat: 300/ 350

snatch: 125/ 225

clean and jerk: 200/ 275

front squat: 245/ 280

press (shoulder): 155/ 185


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