December Athlete of the Month - Lindsay Leahy

Published November 30, 2015



Lindsay Leahy (I'm doing great so far!), 30 years old, single and some would say I shouldn't mingle, yes... I have a job. Assistant Utility Engineer for City of Carlsbad. No thanks on the ninos but I'll distract yours while you're finishing your set. 

A few years ago I was at a friend's house for a 4th of July BBQ. There were some Oceanside CrossFit members there including their friend Ed Haines (previous OCF coach and badass) and all they talked about was CrossFit and try to get me in the gym. I started fundamentals the following week. I joined the following week (in 2013) and went 2 days a week for the first 8 months. After that I made a commitment to go 5+ days per week.

I honestly didn't notice much physically in the first few months. My lifts were increasing at an okay pace and I was constantly sore but no obvious physical change right away. When I really started seeing results was a couple weeks into my first nutrition challenge (about 6 months after joining). I tried the paleo diet for the first time and started shedding fat. I believe I lost 5% body fat in 60 days. It’s true what they say-- nutrition will significantly change your results.

My biggest accomplishment so far is making nutrition and fitness a part of my lifestyle. I actually look forward to going to the gym every day and usually have to be told to take a day off. I plan my social life around when I can get to the gym and even make a point of finding a place I can drop into when traveling. I am addicted and it may be stronger and more expensive than actual drugs.

Also, participating in Olympic lifting and team and competitions is pretty awesome. The camaraderie you feel from training with a partner and completing a competition is one of the best feelings. Physically and mentally pushing each other through the hard days and celebrating your successes together is worth all of the hard work. Free Lululemon doesn’t suck either.  

OCF feels like my second home (except no one will give me a damn key). I love coming in every afternoon and seeing all of my friends. The other members and coaches have become weirdly intertwined in my life outside of the gym too. It has to be a pretty special place to make me feel like dying every day I am there and yet I still look forward to going back tomorrow.


Short term goal: To quit power snatching and drop my ass under the bar.

Forever goal: Lift more weight.


Current maxes in lbs/ Goal weight in lbs

DL – 280/ 300

Back squat – 206/ 250

Snatch – 120/ 150

Clean and jerk – 72kg(158.4)/ 185

Front squat – 180/ 200

Press – 88 (I hate the press)


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