September Athlete of the Month - Bo Watson

Published October 1, 2015

Bo Watson - I'm 41 years old and the Director of Operations at FTSI. FTSI is the largest 3rd party service provider, for Financial Institutions, on the West Coast. Our bread and butter is in selling and servicing  ATM’s, but we also service just about anything in a branch, such as alarm systems, teller cash dispensers, and ITM’s (Intelligent Teller Machines), among many other products. My wife is Lindsay Watson and we just celebrated out 11th wedding anniversary. She has always motivated me to keep going at whatever I am doing wither it is CrossFit, work, or just life in general. Lindsay is also the person who got me started in CrossFit, and I am glad she did. We do not have any children, but we do have a bunch of nephews and nieces that we love to spoil.


I started my fundamentals class at OCF November 11, 2014. After that I had a bad cold so I didn’t do my first class until the first week of December 2014. My wife started CrossFit at the end of September 2014 at a Box near her office. She was constantly trying to get me to start, but I just kept pushing it off. I finally started to get curious about it, and looked online for box near my house. OCF is very close to my house and the other boxes, on the web, seemed crowded and I was timid, so it was an obvious choice. I actually drove by OCF 3 or 4 different time before I actually went inside to check it out. I remember Coach Stacie was teaching the class and she invited me in to watch a WOD. I stuck around for about 10 minutes and remember thinking…no way, not me, those people are crazy. So again my wife Lindsay said “get your butt over there and sign up, you are going to love it”. So the next Monday I went in and did my fundamentals with Coach Lea and Coach Jamie. Like I said I was starting to get sick but wanted to get my fundamentals out of the way, so I went anyway. I think the first night it took me about 50 minutes to stop breathing hard. I thought I would never go back, but my wife was not going to let that happen. So here I am 9 months later knowing not only did I pick the right sport for me, but I could not have picked a better box. I absolutely love the coaches and fellow athletes at OCF. I have visited a few other boxes and all I can say is this is my box!


After the first three months I noticed that I was getting stronger, faster, I was finally consistently doing L2, and I could do some pull-ups. I also had changed what I was eating. I rarely eat any fast food at all, and I used to eat that crap all the time. I was able to look at a WOD and say I can do this, instead of I don’t know if I can do this. I was able to put my mind and body through much more strenuous workouts, and do accessory work after a WOD.  I noticed that I felt better, physically and mentally, than I had in years. I also found that OCF was not just a gym, but it was a community of driven people who never give up on them-selves and they will never give up on their fellow athletes, and that is hard to find. It also makes it a place where you want to go every single day.

My biggest accomplishments are:  joining OCF, bar muscle-ups, double-unders, and the first time I did “The Murph”. As far as weights I was pretty stoked when I broke 300 lbs. on my back squat and deadlifted 385 lbs.


I love the support that athletes and coaches give each other. Like I stated before the people and comradery is fantastic at OCF. I look forward to going to OCF everyday even when I know the WOD is going to be rough, because if I can’t get myself through the WOD the coaches and other athletes are going to make sure I get through it. The people at OCF is what makes this box the best.


My short term goals are:

1- to more regularly do the Rx WODs. Right now I typically bounce back and for the between L3 and Rx 2-  

String 50 double-unders together  

3-  snatch more than 135 lbs.

4 - string bar  muscle-ups together

5 - finally get up on those DAMN RINGS!


Long term goals are:

1 -  to be able to do The Open WODs Rx and do them well

2 - break 1000 lbs. on the CrossFit Total,

3 - keep getting more fit, try and stay grounded, treat everyone with respect, and always strive to be a better person in and out of the gym.

4 - Oh yeah, and string 100 double-unders together.



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