August Athlete of the Month - Kristen Hettel

Published October 1, 2015

Kristen Hettel came to us in early 2014 and her fitness gains are a testament to her hard work. Her dedication, perseverance and positive attitude are a true inspiration to us all at OCF. 

-Coach Stacie


I was at my heaviest when I found Oceanside CrossFit. Up until then, no sport or any other physical activity had clicked with me. I was continually gaining weight and day to day activities were becoming more and more difficult. At only 17, I had to constantly buy new clothes that would fit so I knew it was time for change. I could no longer brush off comments about my weight. I was looking for a program that I would finally be able to enjoy, see results and stick with. Around that same time was when one of my best friend’s Dad’s was starting his Killing The Fat Man series for CrossFit. He was always talking about OCF and all the great things that had come from there. When I started to see all the progress he was making I began researching more information on what CrossFit was all about. In my search, I remember one of the things I came across most about CrossFit was that athletes cheer on their fellow competitors and that someone that finishes last tends to even get more cheers than someone finishing first. That was when I really started to think that CrossFit would be a good fit for me because of the great support system they had. Within the next week I was starting my journey at OCF and the rest is history! 


In my first three months of CrossFit I started to feel like a different person. My clothes were getting bigger and I was gaining muscle. But the biggest change that I noticed was that even the small tasks like walking around my college campus and carrying my books around was so much easier. Day to day activities were no longer much of an issue. It felt really great to knock down the start of physical boundaries that I had built up for myself. I have two accomplishments I’m most proud of so far. The first is how much my endurance has grown. Each time I start a workout I push myself to go faster than I was last time. Everything from the weight of my lifts to the time of my runs has all improved. Second is how many clothes sizes I have already lost. I am down three pants sizes and four shirt sizes! It really is incredible! 


Picking one thing that I like best about OCF is a hard question to answer because OCF is my box and has been since the start of my journey to get in shape. I think that maybe what I like the most is how much determination is there and how much encouragement, cheers, laughs and good times are shared there. No matter what kind of a day you are having it seems to be all left at the door and you’re just in a place where people want to push you and see you succeed. 

 -Kristen Hettel


My three biggest short term goals are to be able to do a pistol squat, run a mile in under ten minutes and get my one rep max deadlift to 300 pounds. My one biggest long term goal is to be able to compete in The CrossFit Games. Within the next 5 years, win or lose I would just love the chance to compete side by side with the fittest on earth. 


Current Lifts/ Goals:  

Deadlift – 258 #/ 300 #      

Snatch – 85/ 115 

Clean – 125/ 155 

Push Jerk – 130/ 150 

Front Squat – 175/ 200 

Back Squat – 190/ 230 

Strict Press – 95/ 105 

Bench Press - 135/ 150

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