October Athlete of the Month - Nikki Koehler

Published October 1, 2015

Nikki Koehler started at OCF in January 2015.  She had been lifting regularly but was not seeing the results she wanted.  She tried a couple local gyms and then someone recommended Oceanside CrossFit.  Like so many she got hooked and we are so glad she did.  She is a pleasure to have in class and inspires those around her.


I'm 26 and have two furry children.  I started out at Oceanside CrossFit with my intro classes and quickly got hooked!  I started going three times a week for the first few months and felt like I was going to die after every workout. Everyone was extremely welcoming and helpful.  I noticed everyone was a big family, which is nice.  I didn’t know many people in the area and being able to go to the gym and meet some awesome people was great.


I've gotten so much stronger than I was when I started in January. Now I try to go five times a week. I love the challenge of trying a new lift or trying to go heavier.  It's addicting once you start seeing progress! I am now noticing muscles that I never knew I had. 


What I like best about OCF is how great and patient all the coaches are. When I first started I never heard of a snatch or a clean and jerk and didn’t know what a kip was.  Everyone is helpful and it's great having someone give you that extra push you need during a WOD (workout of the day). That's exactly what I was looking for when I joined--someone to yell at me and make me do things I wouldn't do myself in the gym. 


Since then, all of my lifts have gone up significantly. By March my deadlift went up by 45 pounds.  It's just so great to be around so many positive, friendly and awesome people! The entire atmosphere of the gym is great and everyone wants you to succeed. It helps to be around like-minded people! 


My current lifts:

Deadlift – 230lbs, Goal – 280lbs  

Back squat – 165lbs, Goal – 200lbs

Snatch – 90lbs, Goal - 135lbs (long term goal) 

Hang Clean – 130lbs, Goal -150lbs

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