July Athletes of the Month - Melanie and Luke Hardy

Published July 1, 2020


Hi OCF! Luke and I are honored to be recognized as the athletes of the month! Luke and I are both 27 years old and were born and raised in Oceanside. I work as a nanny and am finishing up my Masters in Forensic Science and Luke has been an officer with the San Diego police department for about two years! We love traveling (Luke went to South America for five months by himself in 2013 and we traveled to Europe for five months together in 2017). Luke is also in the process of becoming skydive certified.

We first joined OCF in December of 2017 (I believe) when I found the two-month Groupon. I have been involved in sports for as long as I can remember. Throughout middle school and high school, I was on the swim, track, cross country, and water polo teams. In college, I swam and played water polo. Luke was a part of team sports when he was young and wrestled during his freshman year of high school. He then stopped sports and decided to work instead (boring! Ha). Both of our families are the outdoorsy type and we grew up hiking and camping. My family rode dirt bikes and such in the desert and his family rock climbed. I went with him and his dad once, I’m not a fan of heights, there were tears, and I think it’s safe to say I’m okay with never doing it again. Anyway, getting back to finding OCF….After I graduated and stopped sports I didn’t feel like myself. Luke had a membership at one of the big gyms and I figured I needed to get one too. I went and went through the motions but never felt like it was enough. I wasn’t satisfied and got bored. I missed the camaraderie of a team and being a part of something. Luke liked it but it was somewhat of the same experience, he did the same things over and over and was losing motivation to go. I’m not really sure how I came across CrossFit but after watching several videos I thought it looked awesome and thought I could do that too. And then made Luke do it with me. We instantly fell in love. We moved down to San Diego shortly after our initial two months were done and didn’t do CrossFit for about a year. Again, we fell into a bit of a slump and didn’t feel great. We then moved back up to Oceanside and it took a bit at first (it’s hard being neighbors with the coach…you can’t make excuses for not going haha) but we eventually made our way back to OCF and haven’t looked back since.

I am an extremely competitive person but not in the way that I want to be better than everyone (unless it’s Luke, I will always strive to beat him hah). But in the way that I need to be better for myself and know, I pushed with everything. CrossFit brought that back to me after I graduated college. OCF to me is a team and I feel like we all want each other to be great. We work separately but push each other together. The coaches and community OCF has built is really what keeps us coming back.

Luke has always been a strong person but I think he surprises himself with how much he has gotten better at mixing strength with cardio. He even won a nutrition challenge! (Thanks Jordan!). Watching him want to better himself over the past couple of years has been very inspirational to me. He got his first muscle up last week and is now able to string a few together! Yes, I’m very proud of him but also bitter he got it first…I know I have a problem… I am proud of myself for keeping up with CrossFit during my pregnancy. I never thought I would feel this great this far along. CrossFit and the OCF coaches prepared me beforehand and helped keep my confidence up!

Luke’s goals are to get muscle-ups on the rings and mine are to have a healthy baby and be able to come back healthy and strong after birth. We’d both like to become more confident in Olympic lifting.

LIFTS  past/ current/ goals:

deadlift.           Luke-405/420                         Mel- 250/287.5/300
back squat.     Luke-345/360                         Mel 185/220/250
front squat.      Luke-275/315                         Mel 150/185/200
press.              Luke- 315/no more injuries     Mel 130/147.5/160


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