May Athlete of the Month - Brad Rosati

Published May 4, 2020


Hello everyone, my name is Brad Rosati.  I am a 37-year-old Air Traffic Control Maintenance Chief on Camp Pendleton.  I have been serving in the USMC for almost 13 years now and I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA (yes, I fully support and love the Steelers).  My family (Becky, Hayden, and Ben) and I live in Oceanside and absolutely love it here.  We are a very active family and we love spending our time at OCF, the beach, the pool, and all the skateboard parks!   We moved back to California last summer from North Carolina.

From a young age, I have always been very active in competitive sports.  Growing up I played football, basketball and baseball year-round.  My life pretty much consisted of practice, games and tournaments. My dad jokes with me about it now but it was to the point that he took me to the fields for batting practice before school! I was in junior high by the way lol.  I wasn’t crazy about it then but looking back at it now, he taught me a valuable lesson…. “If you want to be good at something, you can but you have to put in the work.”  I eventually played some college basketball which was always my passion.  

I got my first taste of CrossFit when I was on drill instructor duty at MCRD San Diego.  I was on a break for a few months and Becky talked me into giving it a shot with her at the outdoor box she had been going to.  The owner, Paul, was a retired Navy Seal and was running a box out of his backyard.  The classes weren’t very structured and you could pretty much pick which WOD you wanted to complete that day from his board.  I was in pretty good cardiovascular shape from running around and screaming all day so I tended to pick the endurance WODs because that is what I was comfortable with and I didn’t know much about Olympic lifting.  I had a blast the few months that I was going there but it was time to pick up another cycle of recruits so my time at CrossFit Spring Valley came to an end.  

After the recruit depot, I received orders to North Carolina.  Shortly after arriving in North Carolina, I quickly realized the damage being a drill instructor did to my body.  Three years’ worth of 16-18-hour workdays everyday broke me down pretty good.  I was having hip and back problems and was in a lot of pain.  Over the next two summers I had to have two hip surgeries that would hopefully get me back moving again.  At this point, I wasn’t able to really do any sort of working out though.  Becky had been going to a CrossFit gym in NC for a while and once again convinced me to come back to the sport.  I had met the owner a few times and he kept preaching that functional fitness would help heal and eliminate some of my pain.  I didn’t have anything to lose, so I gave it a shot.  At first, it was very intimidating walking into a class, only knowing a few people, and trying to learn a bunch of crazy exercises that I have never really done before.  I was soooooo sore every day, but I kept going back.  I got to know a lot of the people at the gym and gained some confidence in most of the exercises.  I was getting physically and mentally stronger with every WOD.  Although I would still have some pretty intense back pain from time to time, I was feeling pretty good.  I was able to string together about 9 months of consistent CrossFit and I was definitely hooked.  I love everything about it and looked forward to each workout.  

We moved back to California last July.  On our way from NC to CA, Becky and I dropped into a box each day on our cross-country trip.  It was so much fun and was definitely the highlight of the long drive.  The day after we arrived in CA, we found ourselves at Oceanside CrossFit by the recommendations of some friends.  From the first workout, we knew that OCF was our spot.  The coaches, the welcoming members, and the facility was exactly what we were looking for.   I continued to work hard and was still feeling pretty good physically.  Unfortunately, November came around and brought some of the worst back pain that I have ever felt.  In the past, after a couple of weeks of taking it easy, my pain would go away and I would be back to normal.  Not so lucky this time.  It came but never left this time, and it was bad.  I quickly had a back surgery scheduled in December and was pumped to have it done so I could get back to my life.  A day after the surgery I realized that I was in more pain than I was before.  Over the next month and a half there was no progress, just pain.  Finally, in February, I had another back surgery.  Thankfully, this one did the trick.  Looking back at November through February, it was definitely the most challenging period of my life.  I had a very hard time being in so much pain, not being able to move, and not being able to work out.  Physical fitness has always been a stress relief for me and having it completely taken away was very difficult.  I did come out of that period of time a better person though.  I learned to be more thankful for my family and the good people around me and to not take my health for granted. Most importantly, I learned that injuries are a part of life!!  It has been just over two months since the second surgery and I am feeling great.  There are still a handful of exercises and lifts that I won’t be able to do for a long time, but I am okay with that.  I am in a rebuilding stage starting from the ground up lol.  I know my body's limitations now and have no reason to push past them.  My goals are to continue working on cleaning up technique for all the lifting movements, to work on some movements that I haven’t been able to do in the past (pistols and anything handstand related) and to just have fun with it (MOST IMPORTANT!!!).  The OCF coaches and all the awesome members truly are a blessing.  I am so grateful for all of you and can’t wait until the first class when we are all suffering in that gym together.  It’ll be here before we know it!!  


Deadlift- 325/???/350

Back Squat- 230/???/275

Snatch- 0/135/ send help!

Clean and Jerk- 135/ 195/225

Front Squat- 190/???/250


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