March Athlete of the Month - Kory Ingram

Published March 2, 2020


Hey, my name is Kory Ingram, I am 25 years old and I currently work at The Hilton Grand Vacations in Carlsbad as a pool bartender. I also am currently attending CSUSM to receive a bachelor's degree in criminal justice with hope of becoming a future forensic crime scene investigator. (And yes watching law & order, CSI: Miami, etc. influenced everything). As of now, I live in Vista and have only a 10-minute commute to CrossFit as long as everyone gets the hell out of my way and all the stoplights are green.

In 2016, I joined 24 Hour Fitness because I was tired of being so skinny and ugly and I promise you I was only about 110 pounds (hyperactive thyroid) when I first started actually working out. I honestly had no idea what I was even doing at the gym I just kind of went with the flow with small guidelines from Instagram which obviously did nothing for me. So in March of 2017, a former CrossFit athlete told me to come try a workout at OCF just to experience it. I really had no idea what CrossFit was but still went anyway, because I definitely was getting nowhere at 24 Hour Fitness. Day 1 of CrossFit I was walking in at roughly 122 pounds with very minimal ideas of how to workout. I remember going in and everyone was super welcoming and how motivating everyone was during the workout. Keep in mind my twiggy toothpick style body did not snap in half during the deadlift, wallball, run WOD or this whole "Athlete of the Month" thing would not be happening right now. Even after the brutal workout, I fell in love instantly with CrossFit. The amount of motivation I received was overwhelming. I always wanted to get more into fitness and I like the aspect of competing so CrossFit was like having your cake and eating it too.
Within three months of continuing to do CrossFit I noticed how much more happy, confident, and the increase in endurance I received. I became so motivated to actually get up and workout because I saw progress. Even got to the point where, just like nowadays, I HAVE to work out or I feel gross and sloppy.
I have accomplished so much here at OCF it is unreal. My PRs from day one to now have been massive, and with the help of Jordan (OCF nutritionist) starting November of 2019 to now I was able to bring my weight up from 141 to 150. Now, it is all about proving how far I can push myself to be better, faster, stronger.
I truly love it here at OCF it has become a second home and even a second family, it really is my happy place. I really enjoy working out with every single person at OCF. Whether I have worked out with you 1 time or 100 times you gave me motivation and have been an inspiration to me. 
P.S. Jason's favorite story to tell is that I walked in day one at OCF and told him "I want to look and be just like you one day" and now it's like looking a mirror when I compete with him. Just kidding I'm still weak but my left wrist is starting to hurt so maybe I am turning into Jason. 
Lifts: past/current/goals
Deadlift: 155/375/400
Squat: 135/325/375
Snatch:  X/145/185 (Teach me Sensei Sigi)
Clean (240) & Jerk: X/205/225
Front Squat: X/300/350
Press: X/130/150
Bench: 95/215/250

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