January Athlete of the Month - Paul Poorman

Published January 8, 2020

My name is Paul Kenneth Poorman III. I am 27 years old and a Marine stationed at Pendleton. My interests outside of the gym usually revolve around reading and history.  
I started at Oceanside CrossFit in January of last year after searching CrossFit gyms in my phone and sorting through the facebook pages of the results.  When I was growing up I did competitive swimming at the youth, high school, and junior collegiate level. After college, I did CrossFit at City of Athletes CrossFit for about a year and a half before joining the Marines.  However, I hadn't really done CrossFit in a while until I got to OCF.
For me, the first three months were more a challenge of getting into the rhythm that I now find myself in than anything else. However, once I got into that rhythm things definitely got easier and improves little by little.
Across the board my lifts they have gone up, some far more significantly than others which tells me that what I am doing is working. This also gives me trust in the process and the programming that all I need to do is stay consistent and find a way to get to the gym and eventually I will see the results.
I enjoy coming in every day and for at least an hour if not more being able to forget about whatever else is going on outside of the gym and concentrate on what is in front of me. It might sound cliché but really my goal is just to keep improving. I don't have a particular goal that like I want to be competitive or lift this certain weight I just want to come into the gym and continue to work to get better.
The reason that I chose CrossFit is that I grew up doing swimming where I would show up at a certain time the coach would have the workout planned out and would give tips and advice where needed so I never really could get into traditional gyms.
Current Lifts: 
Back Squat- 215 lbs
Front Squat- 195 lbs
Overhead Squat- 175 lbs
Bench Press- 185 lbs
Shoulder Press- 125 lbs
Snatch- 137.5 lbs
Deadlift- 350 lbs 
Thruster- 160 lbs

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