November Athlete of the Month - Edgar Romero

Published November 6, 2019

Edgar Romero is 35 yrs. old and works as a Fire Mechanic for the City of Oceanside.  His passion is to become a Fire Engineer, therefore, he trains at Oceanside Crossfit. He started training there because one of the Oceanside Firefighters, Gabe, referred him to OCF, last year.

Growing up Edgar was very much into sports, baseball, boxing, and soccer but stopped playing in middle school and did not formally exercise anymore, until joining OCF, beside the occasional hike.  Edgar is a family man and loves to take his family on outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, snorkeling, etc.

The first two months were very difficult. He had to learn everything. His body was not flexible at all, all the moves took effort both physically and mentally. After every session, his body was exhausted. By month three, Edgar’s body began to show resilience. After month four, everything changed.  Crossfit became something enjoyable.

Edgar is most proud of his ability to squat snatch. Edgar enjoys most of all the friendly competition and likes the unending support both from the coaches as well as from the OCF family.

Current goals are to master the technique of the moves and long term goals is to master small yet important moves like double-unders and handstand push-ups so that he can RX the workouts.


LIFTS Past/Present/Goals:

Deadlift  165/330/365

Back squat  170/240/285

Press   160/185/215

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