October Athletes of the Month - Suzi and David Thompson

Published October 6, 2019


Hello! My name is Suzi Thompson and I recently turned 43 (cue the creaking ankles and knees). I retired from the Marine Corps in August 2018 after serving 20 years on active duty, mostly as a Judge Advocate. I have since packed up my law degree in favor of being a Stay-at-Home-Mom. My husband, Gary, is an active duty Marine currently serving with the 11th MEU. In addition to our son David (more about him below!), we have a 9-year-old daughter, Danika, who enjoys doing half of a partner workout before retiring to the kids’ room to make TikTok videos. 

I started CrossFit in January 2014 at CrossFit Black Diamond. The Marine Corps had started talking about changing the women’s Physical Fitness Test to include dead-hang pull-ups, and I couldn’t do a single one. The day after my first class I was ridiculously sore and felt completely out of shape, but I was immediately hooked on both the workouts and the community. Four months later I was able to do 8 dead-hang pull-ups, maxing out my Physical Fitness Test! 

When CrossFit Black Diamond closed in August 2016, I was working at the north end of Camp Pendleton, so I ended up joining a CrossFit gym in San Clemente. In July 2017, I was transferred down to MCRD San Diego. From then until my retirement a year later, I probably tried a half dozen gyms between Oceanside and San Diego, never really finding the right fit. 

As soon as I settled into my new SAHM routine, I was excited to re-join some old CrossFit Black Diamond friends at Oceanside CrossFit! I have been an 8 am OCF regular ever since, and I absolutely love the friendship, support, and camaraderie of our 8 am crew! (And our 9 am defectors who we miss dearly!)

I decided to homeschool David this year for 7th grade and told him that part of the deal would be joining mom for “P.E.” at OCF at least three days per week. He was definitely NOT excited, but on August 18th he did his Fundamentals class with Coach Sigi, and lived to complain about it! Despite having Marine parents, Dave is not exactly “athletic,” nor does he particularly aspire to be! He does, however, love rock climbing, and is part of the youth team at VITAL in downtown Oceanside. My hope was that he would gain strength and endurance with CrossFit that would assist with his climbing, and both I and his climbing coach have already seen some of those gains!

My goals are to get my “actual” squat depth to match up with my “what it feels like I’m doing” squat depth, and to be able to knock out a few handstand push-ups. I’d also love to do another CrossFit competition! 

My goal for Dave is for him not to beg me to let his membership lapse in two weeks… stay tuned!


LIFTS (past/current/goals)

Deadlift: 185/280/300!

Back Squat: 125/200/230

Clean & Jerk: 115/135/150

Front Squat: 95/150/180

Press: 70/100/120

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