August Athlete of the Month - Daniel Guillen

Published July 24, 2019



My name is Daniel Guillen and I'm 31 years old, I'm from Costa Rica, I work at LEGOLAND at night and I also study English at Mira Costa College. 
I joined OCF in November 2018, when I arrived I found that nobody spoke Spanish (I am in the USA) and I did not speak any English either. I remember that Jason attended me that day and we could not communicate so he asked Mayra for help (he still trained there and she spoke Spanish) she kindly helped me register and since then I am part of the OCF family.
At OCF I found friendly, humble, friendly people, people who did not know English always supported me and helped me to understand what the coach was saying, I found some very good coaches, very attentive, always helping and wanting one day to improve.
Before joining OCF I had one and a half years of practicing Crossfit in Costa Rica, in Costa Rice I did two internal competitions and a national one, this last one month before I came to USA.
In the first three months, I notice that one of my weaknesses is all that it is to lift over my shoulders... I am very weak with my shoulders and my arms when it comes to "Jerk" "Push Press" etc... Here in the USA the workouts are heavier than in Costa Rica, it is more demanding and the weights in the workouts are heavier.
I am proud to train here because I learned to do "butterfly pull-ups" I have managed to improve the "Ring muscle up" I have managed to do "Handstand push up strict" and I have also managed to improve my "Hands Stand walk"
What I like the most about OCF is the good atmosphere it feels, the friends I have made, the healthy competition that lives inside, how much I have learned and in general it is an excellent place to train, make friends and the most important improve your skills q go surpassing yourself day by day.
My goals are to continue improving my "PR" little by little, keep learning from the coaches and manage to maintain myself at a good level and with a very hollow physical condition.
Deadlift: Past 425 / current 450 / goal 470
Back squat: past 400 / current 410 / goal 425 
Snatch: past 200 / current 215 / goal 225 
Clean and Jerk: past 225 / current 245 / goal 265 
Front squat: past 325 /current 355 / goal 375 
Squat Clean: past 300 / current 315 / goal 325 

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