July Athlete of the Month - Peter Dold

Published July 3, 2019

My name is Pete, I'm a single 28-year-old male fitness model with a positive upbeat attitude, a 3% body fat measurement, and I absolutely LOVE Hip Hop, EDM, and Pop music....... HAHA  !!  I'm pretty much the exact opposite of that description. I'm actually a slightly overweight, somewhat cynical 50-year-old father of 2 that has been married for nearly 20 years now.  I own an Ameriprise Financial Planning practice and while my title is "Financial Adviser" my real job is usually "professional email sender and phone call maker".   My wife Lesley I are both originally from Long Island and our boys Peter and Jack are now 16 & 13 respectively.  We are currently saving money for our darling boys, we're just not sure if it's for college or bail at this point, I suppose time will tell....
I joined the Navy to escape NY, got out in 1995 and was aware enough to recognize that a life in San Diego would beat going back to NY so I smartly stayed put. I bartended my way through college at a bar called Plum Crazy down in PB, got my degree in finance from SDSU in 2001 and have been running my planning practice for just over 15 years now.  My interests (outside of OCF of course) include being a terrible golfer and skier, faithfully following and rooting for my god awful NY Giants and enjoying a few drinks with family and friends as often as possible.
I joined OCF a little over a year ago.  I sit at a desk for much of my workday so I was looking for a new challenge and wanted to try CrossFit.  OCF was the closest one to my house, a friend I knew said they had a good reputation so I gave it a shot.    

I've been lifting weights on an off most of my life but had close to zero experience with a lot of the Olympic lifting and gymnastic type movements that CrossFit incorporates.  Learning these new moves (along with the other million exercises that we do) has been simultaneously painful, enjoyable and challenging, I'm hooked.     
The first 3 months were one of the most challenging things I ever put myself through, second only to having children...... ugh, am I right ladies!! (and sometimes Kyle).  Honestly, every day I woke up so sore those first weeks that every day I thought I might quit.  I somehow managed to keep my big boy pants on, didn't bitch about how sore I was (except to my poor wife daily ) and just pushed through it.  My only goal, in the beginning, was to show up, then just do my best to keep up.  Gradually my conditioning improved some (but still sucks), the muscles hurt a little less (but still hurt) and I'm now fully addicted to the weekly challenge of the workouts.  
I'm most proud of two things. The first is just showing up.  I've been able to hold myself accountable to get my lazy ass to the gym 4 days or more a week without excuse.  This was the toughest and most rewarding accomplishment.  Second is my improved diet.  My past routine was to leisurely lift weights at 24 Hour Fitness for an hour or so, 20 minutes on the treadmill a few days a week then hit In n Out for a Double-Double with fries (Animal Style of course) and a shake on my way home to reward/negate the half-assed workout I just completed. I recently took part in the nutrition challenge, I used the challenge to make big changes to my diet (no fast food, and dramatically fewer carbs).  I lost fat and gained muscle during the challenge and have continued with my improved diet and hope to continue eating better for life. 


Hands down the coaches and getting to know the people that suffer alongside me every morning has been the best part of this whole experience. Jason is always upbeat, and motivated.  He is endlessly patient as he tirelessly (more like foolishly) tries his earnest best to correct/fix/improve my 30 years of bad lifting habits and overcome my poor listening skills and complete lack of coordination and balance.....Good luck with that shit buddy !!   Whenever Staci or Sigi covers for Jason the transition is seamless, all the coaches at OCF are extremely knowledgeable and motivated to help you improve.  
Overall goals are just to keep improving my general health and fitness incrementally over time by continuing to show up, work hard and eat better.    
Yeah.  Can an old white guy get some classic rock, 90's rock, metal or grunge music just once in a while !!!   I'm going to start a petition to boycott Cardi B in the 8 am OCF Class!! ????

LIFTS – past/ current/ goals:

Deadlift: Started at 305.  Current 365

Back Squat:  Started at 285.  Current 345
Bench Press: Started 295.  Current 325.
Snatch:  Current 135

Shoulder Press: Current 175

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