December Athlete of the Month - Sasha Woods

Published December 3, 2018


My Name is Sasha Woods and I turned 40 this July. I have been together with my husband for 22 years and married for 15 years. We have two sons Justus (13) and Jorden (10). I am a Sales Executive for a finance company and have worked for the same parent company for 18 years. I work in the auto industry and my family has named me “The Debt Diva.” Outside of work, I stay very busy watching our boys play football, basketball, and run track. We try to travel as often as possible and really love the Caribbean and hope to retire there one day.

I started at OCF in 2017, the Saturday after Thanksgiving when a friend asked me to try it with her and her husband. We started with the 2-month trial. I was so intimidated but decided to try it because I knew I was turning 40 that next year and wanted to get in better shape and develop more muscle tone.

Prior to OCF my exercise was running about 20 miles a week and doing some pushups and crunches at home. Before OCF I had never done any Olympic lifting and had only done some light lifting in the gym long before I had my boys. I have run in three half marathons and enjoyed running but definitely needed more weight training.

When I first started it took me time to get comfortable with the lifts and get over the soreness. I felt very weak and would compare myself to other women that were lifting in the classes. Since I am extremely competitive I wanted to get stronger and get closer to lifting the weight the other women were lifting.

I am amazed at how much stronger I have gotten in a year. I enjoy when we test our one-rep maxes and see increases each time. I have been tracking since I started and its really amazing to see the growth. I also like seeing the muscle tone development in my body.

This past year has been a difficult one, I lost my grandfather in January and my Dad to cancer in August and OCF was a place I could come and just take an hour to lift my sadness away! I love our 8:00 am ladies & Pete and sometimes Kyle class. The coaches are great! Jason challenges me when he knows I can lift a little more but always makes sure we are doing things the proper way. Stacie is always a motivator with how strong she is and is always encouraging. It’s great the way everyone cheers each other on & celebrates PR’s. OCF is such a positive and welcoming environment.

Improving my pull-ups is one of my current goals. My upper body is still not as strong as I would like for it to be and my goal is to be able to do pull-ups, both strict and kipping.

LIFTS (that you know) – past/ current/ goals:

deadlift 185/200/225

back squat 115/170/200

snatch 35/90/110

clean and jerk 55/100/125

front squat 95/150/175

press 55/80/100

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