September Athlete of the Month - Brian Prusinski

Published September 4, 2018

My name is Brian Prusinski, I'm 56 years old, 6' and 200 lbs. I'm an entertainer and businessman.  During the week I work as a sales director for a manufacturing company and on weekends, I perform with my band Caliber (  My interests include scuba diving, skiing, surfing, and traveling.  When I'm home I enjoy home improvement projects, cooking, recording music, and hanging with my dogs Zsa Zsa and Lucky.
I started CrossFit and joined OCF in 2011 on the advice of a friend and mentor who suggested it as "therapy" mentally and physically.  Prior to joining OCF, I stayed active in a number of leisure sports & activities but nothing with a regiment or focus.  I had experience in organized sports and some weight lifting many years ago.  CrossFit drew me to the notion of being coached again in a controlled environment.  Within a few months in the sport, I noticed leg and core strength I had never felt or seen before.  I was also drawn into the team spirit and at the same time inspired by more advanced and experienced athletes.  I think the pivotal moment was getting the sense that I was becoming an "athlete".  
Putting my trust in the coaches at OCF has been key.  Their commitment to our fitness as well as their own is amazing.   On their recommendation (Jason, Sigi, Stacie) I participated in the annual Nutrition Challenges and CrossFit Opens.  The Nutrition Challenge inspired a paradigm shift in my diet, and the CrossFit Open helps me compare progress with men around the world in my Masters category.  In 2018, I finished the CrossFit Open 420th of 5000 worldwide. 
What I appreciate most besides the coaching at OCF is the variety of skilled movements.  Strength, balance, agility, and endurance are the sustainable fitness elements OCF instills that will prove invaluable for life.  I've also come to enjoy the social element.  My typical 4 pm, 9 am and Sunday workouts have built great team spirit and friendships.  Being around incredibly driven people who live healthy lifestyles is contagious.  I enjoy encouraging my fellow "pain-mates" lol, and being encouraged by them as well.   
Currently, I'm on a 4-5 WODs (workout of the day) per week schedule and hope to continue to dial in diet, strength, speed, and endurance to enter team and solo competitions.  I'd also like to move up the ranks in the Masters category in the 2019 Open competition.  Each year moving forward should present new challenges in keeping my fitness program fresh.
I'd like to thank my friends at OCF for always being there to push, encourage, bitch a little, and get shit done with me!  I'd also like to express my gratitude for allowing me to write a few words about my experience with Crossfit at OCF.  It's been a life-changing endeavor.
Current lifts: 

deadlift - 315

back squat - 220

snatch - 135

clean and jerk - 160

front squat - 185

shoulder press - 160  

bench press - 240 

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