July Athlete Of The Month - Jenny Sharpe and Isreal Rodriguez

Published July 5, 2018

1. Name and stats (optional): age, status, job, kids, interests, etc… Jenny: age 31, Physical Therapist, holding out as long as possible before having kids! Israel: age 35, plumber, no children that I know of

2. How did you find yourself at OCF and when did you join? We joined August 2017. We joined because we both wanted to continue progressing and just weren't getting that from our old gym. Turned out to be a great decision!

3. Weightlifting/ exercise background before joining OCF? Jenny: I started lifting in high school as part of training for tennis and soccer which is where I really started to like it. I played tennis in college for two years. About 5 years ago I started racing in triathlon. I've found that balance of endurance and strength training is what works best for me. Israel: Cross country runner in high school and college. Started weightlifting in the Marines and continued at Pariah CrossFit.

4. What did you notice in the first three months and how were you affected (mentally, physically, etc)? Jenny: Specifically I noticed my pullups became a lot better as previously they were weak. Mentally I was happy about the fact that even though the progress was small, it was little by little my strength was increasing. Israel: I noticed my weightlifting was weak but was getting better and stronger with the programming at OCF. I noticed my body started toning up more and mentally I was happy about that.

5. What accomplishments are you most proud of at OCF so far and what do you enjoy most about working out now? Jenny: I'm proud of my consistency with CrossFit and balancing triathlon training and CrossFit together which sometimes is overwhelming. At the end of the day though I just want to get a good workout in and as long as I can do that I'm happy. Israel: My bar muscle ups have improved a lot and now I enjoy the fact that I can push myself harder than I could previously.

6. What do you like best about OCF? Jenny:The coaching Israel: I think the coaches are the best part about OCF.

7. What are your current short and long-term goals? Jenny: STG- hit a 210 back squat, LTG: stay fit and healthy Israel: STG- stay healthy and not get fat LTG- to no get fat

LIFTS (that you know) – past/ current/ goals: deadlift Jenny: 210, current: 235, goal: 250 Israel: past: 405, current: 375, goal: 375 back squat Jenny: past: 185, current: 200, goal: 215 Israel: past: 245 current: 245, goal: 275 snatch Jenny: past: 90, current: 105, goal: 115 Israel: past: 160, current: 160, goal: 200 clean and jerk Jenny: past: 100, current: 130, goal: 140 Israel: past: 200, current: 200, goal: 215 front squat Jenny: past: 150, current: 160, goal: 180 Israel: past: 185, current: 185, goal: 200 press Jenny: past: 70, current: 85, goal: 100 Israel: past: 115, current: 115, goal: 125

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